Common programming myths for beginners debunked !

Common programming myths for beginners debunked !

When I started learning how to code in C, I was very overwhelmed as it was my first language. But after sometime, I got to know that some of my concepts were not true and was hard to rectify at that stage and it would be not as complicated if it were corrected at earlier stage. Here I am listing those misconceptions which I have experienced and should be rectified ASAP for all beginners:-


Common programming myths busted !

1. It’s necessary to learn coding in C first, before starting any new language!

Well, its not at all true. If somebody have advised you to start with C language, probably this was not the reason. Starting with C can give you a very good foundation in coding, but it isn’t the easiest language to start coding with. Learning curve in this language can sometimes discourage the beginners. In my opinion, starting with “Python” or “Ruby” would be easier and more encouraging for beginners. Although, if you feel more daunting and want to challenge yourself, you can start coding in C, like I did(do not consider this as discouragement, its just an insight).

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2. To program , College or school education is required.

For other fields, this may be true. But in the world of programming its the opposite of it. Most of the times, the way coding is taught in the schools is not appropriate. Of course you will receive a strong foundational understanding of the field but unless and until, you start coding, compile a program and actually run it on the machine, you are not doing any good for yourself in real world, that matters. We should teach ourself to code. Everybody knows how education works deep inside us, it never requires a lecturer or a teacher in front of us!


3. Programmers = Developers = Hackers.

I don’t know a better way clearing this programming myth without a venn-diagram. So here it is:-


A programmer is an individual who manipulates the computer code to solve a problem. A hacker is one who modifies things(not restricted to code) to change its functionality. This change in functionality can be sometimes very harmful to others and often refereed as a criminal offence, but not each and every time. Sometimes people are legally hired to hack things to reveal flaws that can be ironed out. In contrast to these, a developer is a formal term. They don’t just solve problems or create things, but do it in accordance of some design and implementation principles. These principles include things like performance, maintainability and security.

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4. I should be a great mathematician before learning how to code.

Here comes the moment of truth:- “No more than basic arithmetic is used in coding”. Programmers are not supposed to memorize how to derive a particular mathematics formula to find a flux integral of asymptotic function. There are many great mathematicians who thinks that programming is not their cup of tea. And many great programmers who failed in their high school mathematics exams.

5. Learn one thing at a time

I have seen many beginners jumping from one language to other , one technology to other and back and forth . Just Stop !!!! . First of all decide what you want to do , find which technology suits that aim of your and then learn that technology and MAKE A PROJECT !!!  , always remember “Chasing two rabbits and catching none.”

I hope that this article will help you in clarifying some of your misconceptions hindering your true potential.

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