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html head tag exampleWhat is Head in HTML ?

The HTML document has one very important element called Head Element  / Head tag (<head>). In Head section we define all the Metadata of our Web Document . We can classify Metadata into  5 different types :

<title> : A brief description about the page which is displayed mostly on the tab of the browser . This is an important tag and Data should be inserted within it .

Client Side Scripts : We add all the client side scripts in our Head tag in between the <script> element . Javascript , python are some of the client side scripting language in which you can program and can make website more interactive.

Html Style Deceleration : Html gives you the basic frame for your website , but to make it more attractive you can add styles in your Html Style tag .

Meta Information : This is the information about the your webpage that the search engine reads and uses to index your website in it’s directory . <meta> elements are used to insert Metadata in the html page.

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External documents : You can add your external files that are required by the Html Document also by using <link> element.

The above shows how you can add external css designing file into html , and it will works just same as the code inside <style> tag.

Below is the example of how head tag will be if we include the above html attributes given above :

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