What is SEO , history and why should i do it ?

what is seo , history and advantagesSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization  , it is a technique that helps one get higher in SERP ie..; Search Engine Results Page , which means that the result of your website comes first in the search result.

What are the advantages of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )?

  • Get free organic traffic from search engines without spending a penny .
  • Good Optimization also increases the Quantity of visitors on your website .
  • Get relevant visitors of your niche website , people who really are looking for some information or product .
  • Once you are receiving good traffic , you can leave your website on Autopilot 🙂

History of SEO / Search Engine Optimization

After the WWW boom in 1990’s people needed some kind of medium through which they could search for the relevant information they seek on others website , to solve this problem AltaVista ( later bought by Yahoo in 2003 )was came in 1995 , one of the most popular search engine at that time which eventually lost it’s shine when google came.

AltaVista indexed websites according to the meta keywords and the meta information and showed result according to that . But this exploited by many people who wanted traffic on their website in different ways .

After that Google came with different search algorithm which ranked websites , pages according to their backlinks , the number of websites linking to a specific page will mean that more people like it , so it will be displayed on Serp higher . But people also exploited this . From that day on Google has learned from their mistakes and now they have more than 200 factors on which the Ranking depends some of which are Mobile Friendliness ,Quality of content ,  Country , Personal Searches and many more  but the core of the Google working is it somewhat backlinking .

SEO can be divided into two types that are :

White Hat Seo :Techniques done under the guidelines of the Search Engine.

Black Hat Seo : Techniques that the search engines do not approve , still done to rise to top faster ( if  Search Engines blacklists you , you will tumble down the hill even more faster ) , also known as Spamdexing.

SEO techniques

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