What does HTML mean ? | Hypertext Markup Language

what does html mean , learn html for free

What does HTML mean ?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language , this language is used to make webpages or web documents that can be used to view on the users Web browsers . With the help of the HTML the web authors code how text, images and other media things appear on web browsers .

What Does  ” Hypertext Markup Language ” means ?

HTML is made of these three words so let’s understand , What does HTML mean ? . Hypertext stands for the hyperlinks , these hyperlinks are nothing but the doorway of connecting to the other webpages / web documents . Coming to the markup part , it shows how our text is going to be displayed in the web browsers it may be the colors , size , bold , underline effects , for example hyperlinked text like this shows in blue color , whereas this text  is in red color and in Italics.

HTML is the building block of the website , when it is accompanied with CSS (Cascade Style Sheets ) , Javascript and some other elements it can produce some beautiful creations .

HTML is made by some set of rules , we must stay within these boundaries ” TAGS ” to use HTML .

What are the things you need to make a website using HTML ?

  • You can start by using simple notepad , but some free html editors like Notepad++ , Sublime Text , Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition are recommended these editors will help you to make websites better and faster  .
  • A simple web browser in a simple Computer .

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